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Creative Handmade Scientific Experiment 133 Set-Children's Fun Small Experiment Toys

Creative Handmade Scientific Experiment 133 Set-Children's Fun Small Experiment Toys

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    • Product Name: Creative Handmade Scientific Experiment 133 Set-Children's Fun Small Experiment Toys
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    • Creation Time: 2021-10-29

    Want even MORE science fun?

    If you are looking for easy to do science experiments for Primary and elementary kids, you are at the right place.
    Almost all of the experiments are simple ideas that you can do at home with your kids. These experiments will help you teach science in the best way possible to your kids.

    Explore the mysteries of science
    and be a little scientist

    Featured 133 scientific experiments

    Various experiments, colorful gameplay
    No repetition every day

    73 kinds of materials, you can play with it
    Environmentally friendly materials, food grade pigments
    Take care of the health of every child

    Package Size

    Scientific Experiment List

    Get more knowledge and fun
    Cultivate and explore the mysteries of Science

    1.Feel Buoyancy 68.Tin foil ups and downs
    2.Homemade Hypnotic Gyro 69.Pigment adsorbed by Masterbatch
    3.Rotating Paper 70.Toothpicks Canoe
    4.Rubber Band Can Sing 71.Take water from the air
    5.Moonlight in Lotus Pond 72.Card Hercules
    6.Tissue Filter 73.Water bottle convex lens
    7.Color Conveyor Belt 74.Water Climbing
    8.Oil-water Separation 75.Starch Secret
    9.Swallow Eggs in a Bottle 76.Water that cannot be poured out
    10.Making Eggs 77.Non-Newtonian Fluid
    11.Strange Eggs 78.Simple electrical appliances
    12.Inclined Cans 79.Pigment diffusion
    13.Bottle that can swallow balloons 80.The disappearing magnet
    14.Simple Compass 81.Lost glasses
    15.Maglev 82.Continuous flow
    16.Magnetic Interference 83.U-shaped connector
    17.Magnetization and permanent magnetization 84.Feel the hydraulic pressure and air pressure
    18.Jet Balloons 85.Tilt Rocket
    19.Recycled Paper 86.Submarine sinking and floating
    20.PH test paper to detect PH 87.Balloon water / static adsorption
    21.Diving Table Tennis/Foam Ball 88.Will it swell when heated?
    22.Table Tennis Ballet 89.Milk Secret
    23.This is how cupping came from 90.Undersea volcano
    24.Extra Paper 91.Discolored iodine solution
    25.Mobius Belt 92.Plant acid-base indicator
    26.Drainage method to measure ball volume 93.Acid core test of stone core test paper
    27.Water Pouring Stunt 94.Colored balls that cannot fall
    28.Undersea World 95.Bigger and smaller
    29.Flying Cornices 96.Inverted fountain
    30.Strange Mountain Fight 97.Inverted fountain (2)
    31.Rainbow Ferris Wheel 98.Air Cannon
    32.Homemade Plasticine 99.Oil Water Fireworks
    33.Unbreakable Balloons 100.Candle absorbs water
    34.Beads like frog eggs 101.Fire fighting by air separation
    35.Eggshell Painting 102.Tin foil electrolytic salt water
    36.Egg Upright 103.Aerodynamic train
    37.Egg Smile 104.Shape determines ups and downs
    38.Floating Eggs 105.Spilling ball
    39.Oil-water Mixing 106.Straw blowing paper
    40.Cold and hot water are not mixed 107.Orange peel fire
    41.Bottle blowing balloons 108.Cotton thread hanging water ice
    42.Milk Animation 109.Jumping ball
    43.Thin Cans 110.Dancing bubbles
    44.Simple Thermometer 1.Thermochromic material
    45.Separate powder from water 112.Filter paper filtration
    46.Color Burst 113.Haha Mirror
    47.Colorful Pearl Rain 114.Detection of starch in food
    48.Color Mixing 115.Water tornado
    49.Liquid Rainbow 116.Handmade soap
    50.Rubber Band Crossing 117.Explore the formula of bubble water
    51.Paper ball not going home 118.Simple tumbler
    52.Infinite Reversal 119.Density and buoyancy
    53.Paper Crossing 120.Spinning paper snake
    54.Test Tube Magic 121.Keyhole imaging
    55.Surface tension of water 122.Crystal on the eggshell
    56.Hairball in magnetic field 123.Simple darts
    57.Control Pipette 124.Wet paper
    58.Unbreakable Water Bag 125.Recoil fountain
    59.Salt with fangs 126.Coins filled with water
    60.Smoke for fire 127.Making Water Elves
    61.Wayward candle 128.Vegetable Dressup
    62.Glasses do not fog 129.Floating animation
    63.Up and down corn 130.Inverted image
    64.Water Balance 131.Greedy water glass
    65.Waterproof Coating 132.Paper cup is not on fire
    66.Floating Colored Balls 133.Raised cup
    67.Water Gauze 134.Soil phone

    Experimental Material List

    Material Name Quantity
    Material Name Quantity
    1.Goggles1 38.Vitamin C3
    2.Tube Rack1 39.Transparent soap base 15g1
    3.Baking Soda1 40.Purple cabbage powder 4g1
    4.Calcium Lactate1 41.Iron filing 4g1
    5.Soft White Sugar1 42.Effervescent tablets2
    6.Citric Acid1 43.Seven color pigments1
    7.Starch1 44.Plasticine 15g1
    8.Potassium Alum1 45.White latex 40ml1
    9.Sodium Alginate1 46.Lodophor 10ml1
    10.Detergent1 47.EVA 10mm1
    11.Funnel1 48.Cotton swabs14
    12.Experiment tray1 49.Balloon No.6
    13.Disposable cups10 50.No. 6 balloon (processing)1
    14.Transparent 200ml1 51.Transparent heat shrinkable tube1
    15.Pudding Cup1 52.70mm optical axis4
    16.Measuring cups 100ml7 53.Ziplock bag (6 * 8)5
    17.250ml measuring cup with spout1 54.2ml dropper4
    18.Sampling spoons5 55.3ml dropper4
    19.5ml syringe1 56.Filter paper10
    20.Mixing spoon1 57.Acrylic lens2
    21.Black marker1 58.Warm feeling stickers1
    22.Red marker1 59.Rocket printing jam1
    23.Water tornado connector1 60.A4 paper1
    24.Colored ball1 61.Transparent cards2
    25.Hook pen1 62.Gauze (85 * 85)1
    26.PH test paper1 63.Tin foil (30 * 30)1
    27.Red and blue litmus test paper1 64.Masterbatch 21
    28.Candle2 65.4cm foam ball1
    29.EVA stopper1 66.2g steel balls4
    30.10g cream box1 67.Ring magnet with label1
    31.Test tube with lid 12 * 1002 68.Ring magnet1
    32.Test tubes with lid 16 * 1004 69.3M glue10
    33.O-ring1 70.Double-sided tape6
    34.20cm iron wire tie1 71.9cm rubber bands folded in half3
    35.20cm iron wire tie (3cm stripped at both ends)1 72.Cotton thread1
    36.10cm needle tube and plug1 73.Straws9

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